Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Is this heaven on earth?

this is my college campus an one of the best places I love to be... its simply amazin an lovely an serene an what not...
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chemilio... to be or not to be...?

my frns an I were walkin in t garden an all of a sudden Mr.camouflage caught my attention... result,this memory 4ever ;)
always to be in line with nature is a gift.... not everyone gets t chance... might be I'm lucky enough to've been one...at least as of now...
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Saturday, November 03, 2007

microscopic or macro?????

flowers... jus look at the intricasies... i never expected t pic to turn out like this... in whatever sense be it.. but i liked it very much... the red an sandal and the small furs all thru out.... they r so delicate... an so soft... u'll start dwellin in reality t moment u start observin it.. nature is pure an good an holds lotta secrets 4 us... but man's yet 2 discover it
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