Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Life Calendar

This is my first non-photo blog post. I made a weekly life-calendar for myself and I thought everyone should have one too to get a perspective of their life. This is aimed towards having a simple log which makes us remember the major events without having to write a lot about it. So, I made a weekly calendar for 100 years in a spreadsheet which can be downloaded from here. You can enter your birth year as specified in the spreadsheet, and you have it personalized for you. You could use it to make important events in your life.

I got inspired to do this after watching a TED talk by Tim Urban about procastination and reading his blogpost. Although it would have been easy to buy from his website, I thought I wanted a more personalized version and set about making it on excel, we could have it as a soft-copy version too.

I found it interesting and useful and gives me a simplified vision for my life, which most of the time we tend to think is long. This can be printed into an A4 size sheet and when filled, would look something like this image below. I had written some events with color codes.

Weekly Life Calendar in an A4 sheet

Give it a try for yourself. You could do something similar or you could have your own ways of noting the event with comments, etc.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cactus Garden

They transform a desert into a painted forest! Dry, yet you find the elixir, when you find your cacti...

You give it a teeny tiny space, like your window sill (Here, I just have less than 3" width) and you have your mini garden and greenery!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Redwood National Park

Huge and tall, reaching over 300 ft, these are real giants from the age of the dinosaurs! They can grow as old as 2000 years old. Redwood National Park, Rich in flora and fauna, are also home to mountain lions, foxes, Roosevelt elks and black bears. Redwoods, through my eyes!

The big tree is estimated to be 1500 years old!

Hiking and camping in those forests gets you close to the nature and make you realize the beauty of waking up to the sounds of birds chirping, beautiful flowers greeting and fresh air awaiting you.

DeMartin campsite, Kissing the burls which looks like gorilla face, drive through the groves, huge redwoods and the coast!

Banana slugs don't leave anything that's on their way except for the redwood seeds, fern canyon, sighting vulture and beach sunset!

The famous fern canyon where movies like star wars and jurassic park were shot